What are Different Types of Outdoor Furniture?

What are Different Types of Outdoor Furniture?

What are Different Types of Outdoor Furniture?
There are many types of outdoor furniture and different types of material used for outdoor. In last few years, demand for outdoor furniture increased day by day , this is not in india but all around the world. If you want to buy fantastic outdoor wicker furniture must visit to Korex world.

Outdoor Furniture in Aluminium
After Wood Aluminium becomes very popular for Outdoor. As compared to iron aluminium is light weight. If you want any design, shape, size in aluminium it can be easily cast. Benefits of having aluminum furniture in outdoor are that it is resistant to rust, easy to clean and requires no painting. Aluminium comes in affordable and reasonable prices. Aluminium life is very long.

Outdoor Furniture in Wicker
Wicker furniture looks very attractive and beautiful. Wicker furniture comes in light weight. You can easily carry wicker chairs, tables, etc. if wicker left in outside for long time no changes in color. It is resistant to frost, water and UV rays of the sun can’t damage the wicker. Outdoor furniture in wicker is affordable. Korex world made HDPE wicker that have long life.

Outdoor Furniture in Wood
There are many types of wood for Outdoor Furniture. Outdoor furniture made from hardwood or softwood. Wood is most popular raw material for outdoor. There are many types of wood available in the market for outdoor furniture. Wood furniture has its own beauty. Wooden furniture has its own durability and but it is not prone to environment conditions. Wood furniture may not take heavy rain.

Outdoor Furnitue in Plastic
Plastic furniture may not have long lasting and reputation. Plastic furniture can be affordable by everyone. Many types of plastic chairs, tables available in the market. Plastic furniture for outdoor requires less maintenance.Plastic is a recyclable material. Plastic available in different colors and models.